Advanced Academic Courses

Please note that some advanced academic courses may assign summer work.  Please look at each course's course contract before signing up for the class, as it is the responsibility of the student to know if his/her selected course requires any summer work AND complete the required work by the first day of classes.

Students are required to stay in the advanced academic class for the entire 1st six weeks before requesting a level change. Level change forms will be available starting the Monday of the 7th week of school with the counselors and must be submitted by the Friday of that 7th week. Teachers on the committee will take into consideration the amount of resources (such as FIT and tutoring) that each student has taken advantage of before determining their correct placement.


9th Grade- Advanced English 1

10th Grade- Advanced English 2

11th Grade- AP English 3 Language & Composition

11th Grade- OnRamps English 3

12th Grade- AP English 4 Literature & Composition



Advanced Algebra 1

Advanced Geometry

Advanced Algebra 2

Academic Pre-Calculus

AP Pre-Calculus

UT OnRamps Pre-Calculus

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

UT OnRamps Statistics

Multivariable Calculus



Advanced Biology

Advanced Chemistry

AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Environmental Science

AP Physics 1

AP Physics C

Advanced Animal Science

Advanced Engineering Design & Problem Solving 1

Advanced Engineering Design & Problem Solving 2

Advanced Anatomy & Physiology

Advanced Medical Microbiology

Advanced Biotechnology 1

Advanced Biotechnology 2

Social Studies

9th Grade- Advanced World Geography

10th Grade- AP World History

11th Grade- AP US History

12th Grade- AP US Government

12th Grade- AP Macroeconomics

AP Human Geography

AP Psychology

AP Microeconomics

AP Comparative Government

Languages Other Than English

Advanced Spanish 3

Advanced Spanish 4

Advanced Spanish 5

AP Spanish Language & Culture

AP Spanish Literature

Advanced French 3

Advanced French 4

Advanced French 5

AP French Language & Culture

American Sign Language 3

American Sign Language 4

American Sign Language 5

Computer Science

AP Computer Science A

AP Computer Science Principles

AP Studio Art

AP 2D Art & Design

AP 3D Art & Design

AP Art History

AP Art History

AP Music Theory

AP Music Theory