Student Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Here is the A/B calendar for the 23-24 school year.

Here is our daily bell schedule. In the event of a C day, we have a revised schedule.

All students complete a culminating activity in their classes at the end of each semester. Final exams/projects are worth 20% of the student's semester average, with each of the 9 weeks' grades contributing to 40% of the semester average.

Fall 2023 semester exam schedule

Spring 2024 semester exam schedule 

Students who earned Attendance Incentive(s) can replace their semester exam grade with the average of their 9 weeks' grades in 1-2 of their classes.

The Attendance Incentive program was designed to increase student achievement by maximizing the amount of time students spend in instruction. The hope is to minimize avoidable absences. Attendance Incentives allow students will excellent attendance have the option of replacing their semester exam grade with the average of their 9 weeks' grades in 1-2 of their classes if the 9 weeks' average is higher.

Students who have 8 or fewer class period absences and no more than 2 absences in a single class period will earn an incentive for two courses. Students who have 12 or fewer class period absences and no more than 3 absences in a single class will earn an incentive for one course. Absences that count for the purpose of Attendance Incentives are coded as UNX, ILP, ILH, and OTH. Essentially, any full-day absence that is not school related is included in the absence total when determining who earns incentives.

FIT stands for Flexible Instructional Time, and it is a 26 minute period that occurs every day after 1st or 5th period. FIT is designed to make sure that you have the additional time and support carved out during the school day to master essential skills and learn at high levels. During FIT, there are sessions designed for tutoring, make-up work, review sessions, and more! FIT attendance is mandatory.

You will either be assigned by a teacher or sign up for sessions of your choice using your Enriching Students account. For directions regarding FIT and Enriching Students, watch this Enriching Students training video.

Bowie's Club Fair will take place during both lunches on Friday, September 1st. You can learn about the different clubs by checking out Bowie's Club List and visiting the booths stationed in the courtyard. 

Letter Assignments Contact


Hector Munoz


Crystal Keck 


Whitney Black


Joel Espinoza


Paulette Walls

Current students, please use the directions regarding a transcript request through Naviance. The Registrar's page has unique transcript request directions for former students.

Technology help is available daily in the front office and the Book Room (A117). This is where you can pick up a new device, replace a broken device, have your device repaired, connect to the Education network, and more. Ms. Snow is the Device Manager, and if you go to the Book Room and can't find her, have someone in the front office know, and they will locate her for you.

Username: capital "S" + student ID number

Password: capital letter of last name + 6 digit birthdate + lowercase "s"