Current Students

Current students must use Naviance to order transcripts for college admissions, NCAA, scholarships, personal reasons, etc. The registrars will no longer require students to confirm the request in person in their offices. Each morning, the registrars will process all transcripts ordered the previous day. Most transcripts are sent to colleges electronically, but if a student needs a hard copy of their transcript, they may come by the registrar's office after 4:00 p.m. the day after the transcript was requested. If the registrars are not available, the front office staff will be able to help you.

**If there are any special instructions for a requested transcript, students will still need to stop by the registrars’ offices or send an  email:

* Last name begins with A -K  Ms. Caballero

* Last name begins with L -Z Ms. Santiago

COMMON APPLICATION STUDENTS:  The Common App requires that your transcript, school report, and letter of recommendation from your counselor be sent together in one electronic submission. If your application requires a letter of recommendation from a counselor, keep in mind that your transcript cannot be sent until the letter is written and ready to submit. To ensure that your school receives everything it needs, in addition to requesting your transcript through Naviance, you must also visit with your counselor in person to review the requirements of your application. Letters of recommendation request form must be requested at least 10 school days prior to the application deadline.

MID-YEAR TRANSCRIPTS: Mid-year transcripts are not sent automatically. Students whose schools are requesting mid-year transcripts will need to submit another request through Naviance in January.  Mid-year transcripts can not be sent until rank and GPA are updated. This normally occurs at the end of January.

Former Students

Due to federal privacy laws, any former students over the age of 18 who needs a transcript must make the initial request themselves. Parents of former students cannot request transcripts for their graduated student. Former students can give permission for others to pick them up, but the initial request must come from the former student.  

First, you will need to pay for your transcript. Please be aware that you will not need your old student ID number. When you set up the account select “I don’t want to add a student” at the place where indicated. Hang onto that receipt of payment, you will need that when you request your transcript.

QR code for School Cash Online



You can also use this QR code to access the School Cash Online page to pay for your transcript.




After you have paid for your transcript complete Google doc form to order transcript. If you have never cleared your browser, history and passwords, please do so that so that your old Bowie stuff does not pop up when you try to use the Goggle form.

* Last name begins with A -K  Ms. Caballero 

* Last name begins with L -Z Ms. Santiago