Parent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Here is our daily bell schedule. In the event of a C day, we have a revised schedule.

FIT stands for Flexible Instructional Time, and it is a 26 minute period that occurs every day after 1st or 5th period. FIT is designed to make sure that students have the additional time and support carved out during the school day to master essential skills and learn at high levels. During FIT, there are sessions designed for tutoring, make-up work, review sessions, and more. FIT attendance is mandatory. If a student does not attend a FIT session, it is considered a class cut, and disciplinary measures will be taken.

Students will either sign up for sessions or be assigned by a teacher. Students use the Enriching Students platform at to manage their FIT schedule.

The Attendance Incentive program was designed to increase student achievement by maximizing the amount of time students spend in instruction. The hope is to minimize avoidable absences. Attendance Incentives allow students with excellent attendance to have the option of replacing their semester exam grade with the average of their 9 weeks' grades in 1-2 of their classes if the 9 weeks' average is higher.

Students who have 8 or fewer class period absences and no more than 2 absences in a single class period will earn an incentive for two courses. Students who have 12 or fewer class period absences and no more than 3 absences in a single class will earn an incentive for one course. Absences that count for the purpose of Attendance Incentives are coded as UNX, ILP, ILH, and OTH. Essentially, any full-day absence that is not school related is included in the absence total when determining who earns incentives.

TEA requires that all students obtain a verification of enrollment (VOE) to receive a Texas Driver's License. Please fill out this VOE Request form

To authorize a student to check out without a guardian present, you will need to fill out the Driving Pass Request form 24 hours in advance. The form will open daily from 4:30 pm to 7:30 am. Only students with a valid driver's license may be authorized to check themselves out.

The student will receive a pass to leave at their departure time. The student will need to come to the office to sign out and pick up their "Permit to Leave" driving pass prior to leaving campus. Upon returning to campus, the student may sign themselves back in at the main office and drop off their excuse note to document the absence. Then, the student will be issued a pass to proceed to class.

To minimize staffing and scheduling disruptions created by unnecessary schedule changes and to support students as they engage in challenging course work, teacher committees will review the individual merits of a student’s request to move from an advanced to an academic level of a course within the context of staffing, class size, and other factors. Level change requests are not automatically approved or guaranteed.


  • To ensure teachers can properly assess a student’s academic progress, level change requests will not be considered until the six weeks progress reports are submitted. 

  • Students who have a six-weeks progress report average of 80% or greater are NOT eligible for a level change. 

  • The student discussed their academic concerns with the teacher of the course before submitting a level change request. 

  • The committee will also consider:

    • the student’s demonstrated commitment to their academic success, including the teacher, the completion of the course assignments, participation in tutoring or FIT with the teacher or a private tutor, and/or utilization of time- or stress-management strategies as guided by the counselor, etc.. A failing grade is not necessarily sufficient cause to approve the level-change request. 

    • the student’s academic history, preparedness for the course, intended career pathway, and other relevant factors. 


  • All grades from the advanced course will transfer to the new course without adjustment. 

  • Under UIL rules, students approved for a level change from an advanced course to an academic course will remain eligible for the rest of the grading period as long as the six weeks progress report average is 60% or higher. The student will need to have an average of at least 70% in the academic course by the end of the 9-week grading period in order to remain eligible for the rest of the semester.

  • Students who are approved for a level change experience one or more of the following changes to their schedule, including change to the class order, the teacher assignment for one or more classes, a change to their lunch schedule, etc.

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