James Bowie High School Parking Plan

Student Parking Areas 

LOT A Bowie Surface Parking ($75) - Allows parking in the small student lot and in the marching band lot. NOTE: The marching band lot will remain closed to parking for most of the fall semester for practices and rehearsals. Because parking will be limited during this time, the bulk of the surface parking permits will be held back and not sold until the end of marching season. 

LOT B Bowie Garage Parking ($100) - Allows students to access the security gates to the garage and park on levels 2 & 3.

LOT C Bethany Parking ($250) - Allows for student parking in Bethany Lutheran Church’s lot on the Slaughter Lane side. Students may NOT park in the section of the lot along Wolf Trap. NOTE: Bethany is managing its own parking areas and has set its fees accordingly.


Parking Passes on sale July 29-31

More information to come

Open Parking Map (PDF)