Foreign Exchange Students

The Foreign Exchange Program brings students from other countries to live with host families here in the United States. The District may limit the number of foreign exchange students at its high schools through an agreement with TEA due to space limitations.

Exchange students are placed in the four core subjects - English, Math, Science and Social Studies(US History), as well as elective courses of their choosing. Foreign exchange students are required to take a full load and meet the same expectations of courses and level change procedures as the rest of the student body. It is important for the student to understand English and to be able to effectively communicate with the host family, teachers and fellow students as the purpose of the program is to build cultural and social understanding, and international relationships.

The host family must live within Bowie's attendance zone.  All foreign exchange students must be entering the 11th grade to enroll at Bowie. 

Exchange students who have graduated from a comparable high school program in their home country are not eligible to participate in the Foreign Exchange Program with AISD