Accelerated Instruction

Accelerated Instruction Information for Parents

What is accelerated instruction? Accelerated instruction refers to the 30 hours of additional small group instruction required for any student who failed or did not take the spring/summer 2021 STAAR exam or the Austin ISD fall 2021 Beginning-of-Year (BOY) assessment. Bowie is required to provide this additional instruction per the Texas Legislature House Bill 4545.

How will my student receive accelerated instruction? Bowie will create an individualized plan for every student who qualifies for accelerated instruction. The plans are flexible in that they allow students to accumulate hours through a variety of activities and in a manner that allows the student to balance the accelerated instruction with their on-going coursework. Students may attend optional accelerated instruction activities outside of the school day, earn hours for enrollment in specific courses, and/or will be assigned to accelerated instruction activities during FIT or during their classes.

How will my student’s accelerated instruction hours be tracked? Bowie staff will document the student’s hours as they participate in activities. However, students are encouraged to use the Accelerated Instruction Hours Log to plan and track their progress towards their 30 hours. If students are not making progress toward the 30 hour requirement, then they will be assigned to mandatory FIT sessions.

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