Check-Out/Check-In Procedure & Driving Pass Requests


This is only for students with valid Driver's Licenses - To authorize a student to check out without a parent/guardian present, please fill out the Driving Pass Request Google form 24 hours in advance (the form will be open daily from 4:30 pm to 7:30 am)

  • The student will be sent a "Permit to Leave - Driving Pass" prior to their departure time. 
  • Upon returning to campus, the student may bypass the front office and go straight to class. The student or Parent/Guardian can submit excuse notes electronically to Students do not need a pass to return to class. 


Please do not plan to pick up your child from school after 4:00 PM to alleviate congestion and confusion at the end of the school day. Parents should follow the steps below to check out their child from school for an appointment or other reasons:

  • Park in the short-term visitor parking along the front curb near the canopy
  • Enter the main office and present your driver's license or any official identification like a passport
  • The office staff will complete the checkout process to document the student's departure from campus
  • The office staff will call for your child from class or send a staff member to retrieve them


When arriving late to campus or returning from an appointment, students should check in at the main office and send a note by email to  from their parent or doctor before returning to class.