Cell Phone and Electronic Device Policy


In order to assist high school students in communicating with family members, the District shall allow high school students to possess electronic devices on school property; however, student use of these devices during the school day on school property is prohibited.

Definition for purposes of this policy: “electronic devices” shall include a wireless, mobile, or portable telephone, as well as any device that allows two-way communication via radio waves. These devices shall include any device that may be used to store, record, or play auditory and/or visual information. The possession of electronic devices by students on school property, or while attending school-sponsored or school-related events is a privilege, not a right. A campus administrator, in the exercise or reasonable discretion in response to student misbehavior, abuse of the privilege, or other reasonable cause, may deny or cancel the privilege of possessing an electronic device.

Students shall not possess electronic devices on their persons during testing periods, unless specifically allowed to do so by their instructor or a school administrator, or by an individualized education program (IEP) or behavioral improvement plan (BIP).


FIRST OFFENSE: Warning issued and documented; electronic device returned at end of the school day

SECOND OFFENSE: Electronic device confiscated and documented; returned after two days to a parent and $15 fee assessed for returned cell phone

THIRD & SUBSEQUENT OFFENSES: Electronic device confiscated; returned after ten days to a parent and $15 fee assessed for returned cell phone Repeated violations regarding the use of electronic devices after parent notification shall result in revocation of the student’s privilege of possession of a electronic device on school property. Students who violate this policy may be subject to further disciplinary measures.

LASER LIGHTS: Laser lights or other optical devices are expressly prohibited and will be confiscated. Sound systems, headsets, electronic games and any similar device will not be allowed in the classroom-learning environment. Possession of these devices will result in disciplinary action.