Tardy Policy

Students will not be allowed out of class the first fifteen (15) minutes after the tardy bell and the last fifteen (15) minutes before the end of the period. Anytime a student is out of class, permission must be granted.

Students are considered tardy if they arrive to class within 45 minutes of the beginning of the period.

Teachers, counselors, students, administrators, and others play a very important role to ensure that the tardy policy is a meaningful, purposeful component of instructional day.

The purpose of the student tardy policy is:

  • to ensure that students maximize all learning opportunities.
  • to ensure that teachers maximize all teaching opportunities.
  • to ensure that administrators and others maintain a safe and orderly climate that focuses on punctual student attendance and student achievement.

After the bell rings the halls will be swept by administrators, monitors, teachers and the SRO.


*Lunch detention will be assigned to students with excessive tardies.

*Parking permits and Senior Off-Campus privileges may also be revoked for excessive tardies.

*Tardies may impact a student's eligibility for attendance incentives (5 tardies = 1 absence)

*Attendance recovery sessions will be assigned to students with 5 tardies or more.