Student Council

The responsibilities of Bowie's Student Council include:

  • Meeting Campus Advisory Council (CAC) representing the student body in monthly meetings with Mr. Robinson, campus leadership, and community leaders. 
  • Maintaining the school's gardens by doing yardwork on Thursday afternoons during the school year, and once a week during the summer.
  • Painting posters and signs to be displayed around the school at the beginning of the year and for various events throughout the year.
  • Honoring a Bowie teacher once a month with the "Socrates Award," recognizing a teacher's hard work and dedication to Bowie students. 
  • Coordinating the Homecoming ceremony during our Homecoming football game in the fall.
  • Helping set up, take down, and run the Homecoming dance alongside the PTSA.
  • Running "Bowie Idol," Bowie's school-wide talent show alongside the choir directors and leadership.
  • Honoring the Teacher of the Year in January. 
  • Honoring the Teacher of the Year nominees at the faculty end-of-year breakfast in May/June. 

Interested in joining?

All students, incoming freshmen to seniors, are welcome to be a part of this organization. Remember, Student Council is not a class and the work is done completely outside of school hours. If you are committed to helping beautify the campus and working on school wide events, please fill out the information form below. The goal is to have a Student Council of roughly 75-100 students representing all four grades at Bowie. If you are a hard worker, friendly, show initiative, like having fun, can be counted on, and enjoy making Bowie a better place to go to school, PLEASE JOIN!

You do not need to be elected to join Student Council! Only the leadership positions will have elections; otherwise, it's open to anyone. This organization needs people like you to make it successful, especially as we start our in-person school year in the fall. 

For additional questions, please contact:

Mr. Garcia: