Student Leadership Class

If you want to 

  • make a difference at this school, 

  • make Bowie great for all students, AND

  • leave your footprint on the Bowie culture... 

  • then Student Leadership is looking for you!

Course Description  

The Student Leadership class provides an opportunity to develop and practice group leadership, individual leadership, and organizational skills. These skills include, but are not limited to, the following topics or areas:  leadership roles, interpersonal relations, civic responsibility, decision-making, and problem solving.   Students enrolled in this course will apply the skills mentioned above in dealing with peers, school administration and the community.  Student Leadership Class will count as elective credit. Students are encouraged to participate for the entire year, but those students with restrictive schedules can opt to take the class for only one semester. We encourage all current sophomores and juniors with interest to apply regardless of experience. 

Student Leader Duties  

  • Participate and learn leadership skills during class time that will enhance your leadership abilities not only at school, but in the community as well.
  • Design and create lessons to support Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) among the student body.
  • Mentor a 9th grade student(s) outside of a classroom environment and outside of class time.
  • Design, organize, and complete community or school service projects, including 3 school-wide No Place for Hate activities.
  • Participate in Academy 4, an off campus 4th grade mentoring program at Kocurek Elementary, once a month.
  • Serve as a role model by actively and positively participating in school events.

Application & Membership Criteria

  • Must be a rising junior or senior who is academically successful and on track to graduate.
  • May be self-nominated or teacher nominated.
  • Agree to be evaluated by current and previous teachers.
  • Write and turn-in a brief essay based on the prompt provided.
  • Participate in an interview with the Student Leadership teacher Vickie Benson.
  • Maintain the leadership standards in the Bowie community, the surrounding community, and the online community.  (NOTE:  Students accepted into the Student Leadership program will be required to sign a Student Leadership Code of Conduct.)


Trey Lindsey

Ruth Ann Widner

Student Leadership Applications